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Because American Sign Language is a visual and tactile language, it is best to learn it live from a teacher. For our in-person programs, check out our Baby Sign Language Classes or see if we will be at a library near you.

There are times, however, when learning from a teacher in-person isn't feasible or maybe an extra resource or quick refresher is all that's needed. Below are a few of our favorite sites, videos and articles that we hope you will find helpful on your Baby Sign Language journey!


Signing Time is the best! Their videos are a great investment because they are entertaining for little ones and adults alike. The San Diego Public Library has many of their Signing Time and Baby Signing Time videos to check out.

ASLnook is an awesome online hub of videos that teaches basic ASL in a fun and upbeat way.


Signing Time - Great for basic Baby Sign Language signs.

Signing Savvy - Has a Sign of the Day feature to help expand your vocabulary.

ASL University - Offers much more than just an online ASL dictionary.


Signing With Babies and Children by Claire Vallotton, Ph.D.
• This is more of a paper at 18 pages long than an article, yet a great resource for families looking for the research on the benefits of signing with children.

5 Myths About Signing With Your Baby by Colleen Brunetti
• There are a few misconceptions about signing with babies. If you have any concerns or if anyone has expressed apprehension about you signing with your little one, this article will help alleviate them.

Talking With Your Hands Makes You Learn Things Faster by Drake Baer
• This is a great article for continuing to sign with preschool age and older children.

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If you're interested in learning more than what Baby Sign Language offers, such as ASL grammar or taking sign language on as a second language, here are a few helpful online and in-person resources.

Sign It! American Sign Language Made Easy (online)
• This program was co-created by the founders of Signing Time. It includes lessons on vocabulary, grammar, finger-spelling, non-manual markers, and Deaf culture. The entire program is available for free to families in the US who have a child 36 months or younger who has any type of hearing loss.

ASL University (online)
• This site provides many free self-study materials, lessons and information, as well as fee-based instructor-guided courses.

San Diego Mesa College (in-person)
• These classes focus on beginning to advanced ASL language skill development for fluency or interpretation.

Grossmont College (in-person)
• This degree offers language fluency and cultural awareness to sign with Deaf friends, Deaf co-workers, Deaf family members, and the Deaf Community.


Koko was a gorilla who communicated with her caregivers through sign language. Koko: The Gorilla Who Talks is available through the San Diego Public Libraries. Learn more about her signing skills at

Deafverse is a browser-based ongoing-narrative adventure about navigating the world as a deaf teenager.
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