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I love Baby Sign Language for it's ability to communicate with our pre-verbal little ones, but I also love it for bringing American Sign Language to those who wouldn't otherwise.
Check out our "A Little Fun" section at the bottom of the Resources page for a fun new game that can help you take your ASL skills beyond Baby Sign Language and give you a glimpse into the Deaf community.

Went live with new website! Take a look around, especially at the COVID-19 message above.
Online Baby Sign Language programs coming soon!

This is one of my favorite buddies signing 'dinosaur' at the North Park Library!

Check out our Foundation Series schedule for a location that works for you!

Big kids sign with Ms. Jennifer on school breaks!

We offer private classes that can work around your schedule! Contact us for more information.

Join us every Monday at 3:15pm for our Signing Crafts & Games program at the OB Library! All supplies provided.

At the end of most of our programs we give out hand stamps to anyone who wants one! These toddlers are in line at the Central Library!

Each craft at my Signing Crafts & Games program is designed for infants too. This one ended up being a keepsake project making a rainbow out of baby's hand.

We're honored to be able to offer a FREE Class for Military Families on MCAS Miramar Base Tuesday mornings at 10am!

"Yay" is one of my favorite signs! We're all having fun at my Signing Story Time at the Balboa Library!

Upcoming Programs
9/23 (Thursday)

Signing Story Time at Balboa Library starts 10:00 AM

9/24 (Friday)

Signing Story Time at Ocean Beach Library starts 10:30 AM

9/25 (Saturday)

Signing Story Time at North Park Library starts 11:00 AM

9/27 (Monday)

Signing Story Time at Downtown/Central Library starts 10:30 AM

Signing Story Time at College/Rolando Library starts 12:00 PM

Signing Crafts & Games at Ocean Beach Library starts 3:15 PM

9/28 (Tuesday)

Pajama Signing Story Time at Balboa Library starts 6:00 PM

Foundation Series at MCAS Miramar Library starts 10:00 AM

9/29 (Wednesday)

Signing Story Time at Scripps Miramar Ranch Library starts 11:45 AM

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